Coaching Wizard

Named by as the first place soccer coaches should stop in the App Store! - "Coaching Wizard is a very intuitive and beautifully done app that is filled with the functionality that you the coach want and need."

Coaching Wizard is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use soccer coaching assistant on the market today. It will change the way you coach and make the tough tasks of coaching simple.

Whether you are involved at the recreational youth soccer level, the Olympic Development Program, the collegiate or even professional level, Coaching Wizard is the application for you. In less than five minutes, you will be coaching with a whole new level of efficiency, at any level of soccer.

Designed not just for coaches, but also the parents of players, this all in one application manages everything from playing time and assisting with substitutions during a game, to recording important individual and entire team statistics, as well as assisting with e-mail communication that allows you to share all this game information with every member of the team.

My goal with Coaching Wizard, is an app that is simple enough for a coach or even a parent to use during a live game, that will assist them with managing playing time and substitution order, while allowing their primary focus to be the game action itself. I am extremely excited about the upcoming release of Coaching Wizard, and feel there is no other application on the market, that is as easy to use, but offers so many features to assist both the coach and parent at any level of soccer. - Jim Medina - Creator of Coaching Wizard

In addition to keeping track of every player’s total playing time, Coaching Wizard, also helps organize your substitution order, and gives you a breakdown on how much time each player has played in each position. In addition to its time management features, Coaching Wizard allows you to keep track of multiple individual player's statistics, including goals, shots, assists, saves and cards, as well as team statistics such as goals for and against, free kicks, corner kicks and offsides. At the completion of a game the app allows you to easily send, not just the individual and game statistics, but allows you to archive entire cumulative season statistics, and send this information to players and parents via e-mail using a popular desktop spreadsheet application.

Coaching Wizard also allows you to easily manage multiple teams simultaneously, for those coaches and parents that are involved with multiple players and teams in the same season. Currently available in the iTunes App Store for $4.99, Coaching Wizard is the simplest and most intuitive way for coaches to best manage their teams. To download the app, click this link.

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